Impact of Bernal Project

The Bernal Project is a €52 million strategic investment in research excellence at the University of Limerick that will impact on economic, educational and social development, nationally and globally.

The positive benefits experienced thus far have been:

Job Creation:

During the construction phase over 170 positions have been created with a further 50 sustainable posts created by the project.

Providing an outstanding and distinctive student experience:

The Bernal Professors provide an outstanding and distinctive student experience through the delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes infused with research.  New Co-operative Education placement links will be developed with sector-leading industrial partners and specialised taught programmes will be devised to attract international students.

Enhancing UL's Research Profile:

Building on their research experience, the Bernal Professors will enhance the University of Limerick's research profile through increased collaborations within and beyond UL to strengthen project activities and delivery.

Bernal Composite Materials


Want to know more about Composite Materials & Structures? Let Prof. Paul Weaver explain why you should take an interest in these materials and what they could do for you!

The World of Crystal Engineering


Learn more about Prof. Mike Zaworotko's lab and how crystal engineering is leading a new approach for the discovery of new materials for use in pharmaceutical as well as energy harvesting industries.

Advanced Pharmaceutical Research


Learn more about the work that Prof. Gavin Walker is doing to enhance the R&D mandate of Irish pharmaceutical manufacturing sties and companies.

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